Code Enforcement is performed by our code official Geoff Fillingsness.  Please email  or call City Hall at


As part of our patrol activity, we will be enforcing the provisions of our nuisance regulations.  We will be issuing violation notices for such things as: 

  • inoperable or unlicensed vehicles,
  • vehicle parts (including tires),
  • building materials,
  • garbage,
  • discarded appliances or furniture,
  • parking on lawns in front of or beside homes,
  • campers, boats, or trailers parked on City streets for more than 48 hours,
  • campers and other vehicles obstructing sidewalks,
  • unfenced swimming pools, and
  • property maintenance violations such as peeling paint and damaged trim or siding. 

This is all done to keep people safe and keep our City looking good! 

Also as a reminder, our neighborhood parks are open from dawn until dusk and no alcoholic beverages are allowed. 

Lawn Mowing Season 

Please keep your lawn mowed and the weeds pulled or sprayed.  Remember that you are responsible to mow and maintain the boulevard or ditch area between your yard and the adjacent street driving surface.  We issue tall grass violation notices when grass exceeds eight inches in height.  This can result in the issuance of a citation for a $150 fine and/or abatement of the nuisance at your expense (and abatements are very expensive).  We also issue violation notices for concentrations of weeds and noxious weeds.

No person shall throw or deposit litter or yard waste upon any street or other public place or upon private property within the City.  Please do not blow or mow your yard clippings into the city streets and gutter, you may be subject to a fine.