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Harrisburg Economic Development Corporation


The Harrisburg Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) was incorporated in 2007 to promote and assist in the growth and development of the entire community of Harrisburg. The HEDC works closely with state and regional agencies and the City of Harrisburg to assist companies looking to locate or expand into Harrisburg. The HEDC Board of Director's is proud to work behind the scenes to help our community grow and prosper and is continually promoting our city and serving as ambassadors to all who may be interested in making Harrisburg their home.

 Brandon Lane - CEO and President

Economic Board Members: 

  • Adrienne McKeown (Chair)

  • Adam Walsh (Co-Chair)

  • Stacy Erdmann (Treasurer)

  • Lucas Lorenzen

  • Marcus Mahlen

  • Greg Jones

  • Mike Fowler

  • Angie Wahl

  • Derek Klatt

  • Dale Thorpe (Volunteer)