2023 Municipal Ordinances 

Please take special note of this amended portion of the ordinances regarding utility bills.

Consumer Utility Bills.
All utility bills rendered are net, due and payable on receipt and delinquent if not paid by the twentieth day of the month. If bills are not paid by the due date, a twenty (20) percent penalty shall be assessed. Provided, however, when a due date falls on a weekend or holiday, bills will not be delinquent until the close of business the next following work day. Bill payments mailed to the City must be received by the City on the day after the due date. Postmarks shall not be considered.

Unpaid Bills. If a bill for utility services is not paid in full, the customer shall be given notice by mail or by personal service to such owner, occupant or person, or by posting on the property that service shall be terminated within five working days of the date of mailing, personal service or posting unless the customer shall:
A. Pay the amount in full;
B. Pay the undisputed portion of the account and file a written appeal with the City Finance Officer of the disputed portion. Service will be continued until such appeal is heard by the City Council. Failure by any person to actually receive any document sent to him by certified mail or to sign and return any receipt card acknowledging receipt by certified mail shall not invalidate service made upon such person by certified mail. Such notice is deemed completed at the time it is mailed, hand delivered or posted, and any period to reply or abate begins to run from the date of mailing, personal service or posting.

Disconnect. The City may disconnect utility service for any of the following reasons:
A. Failure to pay all charges and penalties;
B. Default on an agreement to liquidate a continuing debt;
C. Failure to grant the City access to read and inspect meters;
D. Customer tampering.
E. Failure to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy from the City.