2021 Election Information

Notice of Election 2021

Sample Ballot Municipal Election - 4-13-21

The First Ward shall include all of that part of the City west of Cliff Avenue located north and south of Willow Street. It shall also include all of that part of the City north of Willow Street located between Cliff Avenue and the railroad tracks. It shall also include all of that part of the City south of Willow Street and north of Maple Street located between Emmett Trail and Cliff Avenue. City Ward Map 2021

2021 Municipal Election (Ward I only)
Tuesday, April 13, 2021

7:00 am - 7:00 pm 
Liberty School Board Room, 200 E Willow Street, Harrisburg SD

Ward I - Alderman

Thomas Anez
Benjamin S. Merrill

Absentee Voting will be available March 29, 2021 at Harrisburg City Hall

Deadline for voter registration - 5:00PM March 29th, 2021

Ward II - Alderman

Chris Kindt - Unopposed

Notice of Voter Registration

2021 Municipal Election Calendar

Notice of Vacancy Harrisburg 2021

Nominating Petition for municipal election (letter size)   WARNING: State law requires that each petition sheet be self-contained. This means that the petition heading, instructions to signers, signature lines and circulator's verification must all be printed on each sheet prior to circulation. The sheet must be printed on front and back. You CANNOT tape, staple or glue the front and back sides together. You CANNOT include sheets with signature lines only.  If you have any questions about how to correctly prepare a petition sheet, please call the elections department at 773-3537

How to Circulate Municipal Nominating Petition 2021

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