The City of Harrisburg is powered by great volunteers like you. Being on any of these boards can take many dedicated hours of work and research and we thank all those involved for their dedication to the City of Harrisburg.

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission currently meets on the second Monday of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. Some special meetings are held in between when needed and published accordingly. The normal meeting place for the Planning and Zoning Commission is the Harrisburg City Hall Conference Room, 301 E Willow Street.

The Commission also serves as the Board of Adjustment when needed. These meetings are held on the same date as a regular Planning and Zoning Commission meet but start at a specific time and end after all the issues dealing with the Board of Adjustments are concluded.

Your current Planning and Zoning Commission members are:

Bruce Bicknase (2023) - Chairman
Vacancy (2024)
Chris Kindt (2020)
Rob Doyen (2021)
Dustin Groen (2022)
Jason Schipper (2022)
Vacancy (2024)


Library Board

The Library Board consists of the following members:

Robin Anderson, President
Mandi Juhnke, Vice President

Board Members:
Erin Oster
Stacy Erdmann
Miriah Amolins
City Council Representative - Maxwell

Park Board

The Harrisburg Park Board meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Harrisburg City Hall Conference Room, 301 E Willow Street.


City Council Representative
Kevin Maxwell (2022)

Jonathan DeBruin (2020)
Tom Anez (2020)
Kristin Larson (2020)
Lois McMahon (2021)
Aaron Aylward (2021)
Wendi Hogan (2022)
Vacancy (2022) 

Lincoln County Commissioners