City Compost Site

Hours of operation (weather permitting): Mondays and Wednesdays 5:15 pm - 7:30pm and Saturdays 8am-12 noon
Weather Permitting: If it is raining or has rained within the past 24 hours the site most likely will be closed.  The road leading back to the site gets very muddy and the likelihood of vehicles getting stuck is high)  Check the city website for updates on closures. 

Permitted and acceptable compost items: Leaves, grass, and similar vegetation

Permitted and acceptable wood items: untreated scrap lumber, trees, tree branches, and brush

We are not permitted to accept plastic or paper bags, even though they are marketed as compostable / decomposable

Open ONLY to Harrisburg residents: You MUST have a copy of your water bill to utilize the compost site. If you don’t have a copy of your water bill you may request one at City Hall during regular business hours.

Most licensed waste haulers within Harrisburg offer yard waste disposal. Additionally, Mueller Pallets located just outside of Harrisburg near Exit 73 offers free disposal of branches and other used wood products.

Mueller Pallets:

Lincoln County Transfer Station:   Lincoln County Transfer Station located just east of Worthing at Exit 64.

Licensed Garbage Services in Harrisburg:

Novak Sanitary                                        338-7126

Waste Management                         906-6036

A-Ok Sanitary                                   331-1103

Sioux Falls Sanitation                      338-8055

Bolte’s Sunrise Sanitation               361-7936

R & S Sanitation                                647-5371

Roo's Sanitation                              498-1588


Updated 7/13/18