Plan & Plat Review

The development and subdivision review and approval process is coordinated through the Planning and Zoning Department. Please contact Michael McMahon for further information.


Construction Inspection

Construction inspection of public infrastructure is conducted by the Engineering Department. Please contact our Engineering Services Technician, Cole Wedel, to coordinate inspection of testing at 605-498-4915.

Test results and televising data can be emailed to the City Engineer at or dropped off at City Hall. 


Tests include:

     Sanitary Sewer: Pipe and manhole leakage tests, pipe deflection tests, pipe televising

     Storm Sewer: Pipe televising

     Water Main: Hydrostatic tests, bacteria tests

     Streets: Subgrade stability tests (prior to base course), subbase stability tests (prior to paving), bottom lift                           inspection


The City will perform visual inspection of infrastructure periodically.

Acceptance procedures is coordinated through the City Engineer, Joe Stonesifer.