Harrisburg contracts its police services through the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. 

Important Numbers:
Emergencies: 9-1-1
Non-Emergencies: 605.764.5651

Lincoln County Emergency Management - Harold Timmerman Coordinator

Sirens have been used for many years to alert fire departments, announce curfews, and the "old time" noon whistle.  Over time, pagers, text messaging, and other technologies have proven to be more effective than sirens.

In Lincoln County, each municipality has one or more tornado warning sirens activated by the 911 Center in Canton.  When a tornado watch is announced by the National Weather Service, fire departments, ambulance services, and law enforcement agencies are notified that conditions are favorable for possible tornadoes.  The above agencies then choose when to send out spotters to watch for developing cloud rotation, and possible tornadoes.  When a funnel could or tornado is spotted, the tornado warning siren is activated for the appropriate community.

Citizens are reminded that sirens are designed for outdoor notification only.  When indoors, weather radios, phone apps and the media are good tools to stay up to date on developing weather.  It's every ones personal responsibility to use all the tools available to stay safe when severe weather threatens.