Slurry seal will be occurring on Wednesday, September 28th and Thursday, September 29th. Crews are expect to begin at 8am and be completed all in the two-day window. These streets will be closed to traffic for up to 6 hours after slurry seal is applied:

Starting 9/28-- Prairie Circle, Juniper Circle, Cedar Circle, Philly Street & Circle, Troy Avenue, St. Gregory Street, Marie Circle, Adrianna Avenue, & Quinn Ave.

Starting 9/29-- Prairie Street, Emmett Trail, Cedar Drive, & Marie Drive

A slurry seal is a homogenous mixture of emulsified asphalt, water, well-graded fine aggregate and mineral filler that has a creamy fluid-like appearance when applied. Slurry seals are used to fill existing pavement surface defects.

Click here for a full map of affected routes.