7.0501 Parking Prohibited in Certain Places. At any time it shall be unlawful to permit any vehicle to stop, stand or park in any of the following places, except where necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a law enforcement officer or traffic control sign or signal:
A thru I are abbreviated for this post. 
J. No person shall park any recreational vehicle on any street within the City for a period longer than twenty-four hours during the months of May through September. Such recreational vehicles shall be prohibited from parking on any street within the City during the months of October through April. For purposes of this Section, recreational vehicle is defined to include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
1. Cargo trailers, whether open or enclosed;
2. Travel trailers;
3. Pickup campers or coaches;
4. Motorhomes;
5. Camping trailers;
6. Boats and boat trailers;
7. Snowmobiles and snowmobile trailers;
8. Jet skis and jet ski trailers;
9. Golf carts and golf cart trailers;
10. All-terrain vehicles and all-terrain vehicle trailers;
11. Dirt bikes and dirt bike trailers; and
12. Any other recreational equipment or cases, boxes or items used to store or transport such recreational equipment.
K. In front of, or within 15’ on either side of, a mailbox during daylight hours.
L. Parking of any inoperable or unlicensed vehicle on any City Street.
For purposes of this Section, “any street” means any and all locations within public rights-of-way within City limits. Movement of a recreational vehicle to a different location within City limits than the originally-cited violation location does not restart the 24 hour parking limit. Section amended by Ordinance 2022-08, effective May 18, 2022.


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