Lincoln County Emergency Outdoor Warning Sirens Activation Policy

Tornado Book 

Tornado Do's & Don'ts

DO go to a basement room. Avoid areas under heavy objects on the floor above. If there's no basement, go to an inside room on the lowest floor such as a bathroom, closet, or hallway. Get under something sturdy such as a workbench or heavy table. Cover your body with a blanket or sleeping bag and protect your head with whatever is available, even if only hands. Avoid long span rooms such as auditoriums or gymnasiums.

DO stay away from door and windows; flying glass can kill.

DO lie down in a ditch, gully, or low place in the ground if you are out doors. Or ...

DO get into a culvert.

DO cover your head!

DON'T get in or under a car or truck. Stop, get out, and find shelter in a nearby ditch, ravine, or low spot, Lie flat, and cover your head with your arms.

DON'T stay in a mobile home. There is no safe place. Leave and seek shelter nearby. If necessary, lie flat in a ditch or ravine and put your arms over your head.