December 29th, 2017
Starts at 8:00 am, ends at 10:00 pm


The City of Harrisburg is issuing a Snow Alert effective 8 am Friday (12/29/2017) morning through 10 pm Friday evening.

NO PARKING is permitted on City streets during Snow Alerts, vehicles may be ticketed at any time during a Snow Alert. The City will work to keep the Snow Routes open through the duration of the snow event and will plow every street, curb-to-curb once the snow subsides around 3 pm Friday. We will break briefly while residents return home from work and resume later in the evening. It is important to remember that Snow Alerts automatically continue if curb-to-curb is not complete and that just because it appears that curb-to-curb is complete in front of your home that it may not be done around the corner and that parking on the street still might inhibit the plows.

It is against City Ordinance to deposit snow on the roadway at anytime, even if the plows haven't come by your house yet. Please respect the plow operators and your neighbors by following this ordinance.

We are currently predicted to receive up to 2.8 inches of snow. Roads in and around Harrisburg may be difficult to travel. Please plan accordingly.

EXTREME COLD: While wind speeds aren’t predicted to be more than 10 mph over the next few days the high temperature on Friday is only 6 °F, -10°F on Saturday, - 6°F Sunday, and - 2 °F on Monday, New Year’s Day.

City Hall will be closed Monday, New Year’s Day. You can reach Andrew Pietrus, City Administrator at 605-280-7083

Thank YOU for your patience, stay warm, stay safe, and Happy New Year...