Register for CodeRED 

There are two types of CodeRed announcements; Emergency Notices (Snow alert, boil water alert, water main break, gas leak) and General Announcements (Spraying mosquitoes, city events, clean up day).
The City of Harrisburg will be using both of these types of notifications, however we will not be using CodeRed for weather watches and warnings(we will leave that to the National Weather Service to provide weather related announcements and warnings).  

If you would prefer not to be notified regarding the general announcements, please go to the CodeRed site and while registering your phone number you may sign up just for the Emergency notifications and you then will only receive those.  

Thank you. 

There is also a CodeRED app for your mobile phone.  This is a free download app for the 1st month only, then there is a yearly subscription charge of 99 cents.