Seasonal Lagoon Turnover

You may notice a strange and offensive odor emerging from the sewer lagoon this fall and early winter. This process is a seasonal event that usually takes place in the fall and spring. It is harmless to humans causing no more than an assault on the senses.  When temperatures either begin to cool off or significantly warm up during the a change of seasons, turnover process takes place.  Temperature layers in the water remain constant during the hot days of summer and early fall.  As the surface continues to cool, the water in the top layer becomes denser than in the depths so it sinks which speeds up the turning process.  Scientific studies show that oxygen in the water also stratifies with the warmer water near the surface containing dissolved oxygen, and the cooler water found deeper below the surface experiences oxygen depletion.   

Pumping to Sioux Falls - 01/01/7 - 12/31/17 = 104,491,173 gallons ($865,826.12)

10/15/18 - City Council approved entering into an agreement with Stockwell Engineers for the wastewater treatment facility. 

10/24/18 - Purchased property for WWTF  

08/2018 - Signed contract with Stockwell Engineers for the Wastewater Treatment Facility Sanitary Sewer Force Main.

04/20/15 - Signed contract with Stockwell Engineers for the wastewater treatment facility land acquisition.

Harrisburg Wastewater Facility Plan 

12-18-17 Stockwell Engineers - Updated Wastewater Treatment Cost Estimates and Rate Model

Banner Engineering - Wastewater Value Engineering Study 11-21-17

06-18-17 6:10 pm - Public Hearing - Wastewater Treatment Facility Construction Project Funding loan through the Clean Water State Revolving Funds (SRF) Program

5-01-17 Minutes Addendum regarding Wastewater 

4-17-17 Wastewater Public Comments

Banner Regionalization Council Presentation Mon 4-4-16

Wastewater Alternatives

DENR 2015 Surface Water Discharge Compliance Inspection