Spring Sewer Lagoon Turnover

As the weather warms the solid waste sitting at the bottom of the sewer lagoons building up all winter starts to rise to the surface bringing all sorts of smells with it.  This process, while regretful, is necessary.  As the solids start to move the bugs that eat the solids also begin to reactivate after going dormant all winter.  As the bugs wake and do their job the smell begins to go away.  Additionally we recirculate water within the lagoons to raise oxygen levels to aid the bugs.  Lastly excess water in our lagoons is pumped to the City of Sioux Falls.  This process every spring of solids coming to the surface is called 'turn over.'  Turn over should take two weeks if temperatures stay consistently high.  Every city and town with lagoons go through the same process and smell.  The thing that can cause turn over to take longer is 'over loading' or when too many solids are in the the lagoons for the bugs to keep up and do their thing.  Our lagoons do experience over loading. 

Pumping to Sioux Falls - 01/01/7 - 12/31/17 = 104,491,173 gallons ($865,826.12)

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