The Harrisburg Mayor, City Council and city engineer discussed utility water and sewer rates on February 1 and February 16, 2016 at the city council meetings.  Below are the proposed rates and wastewater alternative handouts. There were several residents in attendance and asked some very good questions regarding both the rates and alternatives. The city has researched flat rates for sewer, sewer rates based off of winter usage, allowing separate connections for irrigation of yards, and all alternatives still result in the same amount of revenue that needs to be generated through the same number of customers to spread it over.  Rates are reviewed annually taking into consideration the current debt, proposed projects and operating expenses. For 2016 the proposed water rate will stay the same and the sewer rate would increase 14.8% for an overall bill rate increase of 8.2%, with the rates being reviewed again each year. 

2016 Water Sewer Rates

Proposed Rates Summary

Wastewater Alternatives 

City Tax & Fee Handout 2016

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources review of Sioux Falls Regional Study