2018 Street and Water Main Projects (includes improvements to Elm Street, Walnut Street, Perry Lane and Ivy Lane - see Project Map)

Construction on this project should begin the week of April 30th, 2018.  (Weather permitting)

Project Map

Notice to Bidders

Engineers Recommendation of Award 

Resident Informational Letter and Map on Project 4-25-18

05-07-18 - The Contractor anticipates shutting water off Monday afternoon 05/7/18 from 1pm - 2:30 pm along Ivy Lane

05-21-18 - The Contractor anticipates shutting water off Monday afternoon 05/21/18 from 1 pm - 4:30 pm along Willow Street from Grand Avenue to Southeastern Drive.  Map 

05-21-18 Update - The Contractor has completed the water main and water service connections along Ivy Lane.  The new water main passed (2) bacteria tests and a pressure test prior to hooking up new service lines.  Concrete work has been completed on Walnut and Elm Street. 

05-22-18 - The Contractor anticipates shutting water off Tuesday morning 05/22/18 from 8 am - 3 pm along Willow Street from Grand Avenue east.  

06-01-18 - Update: All water main is completed, tested & approved.  Crews started excavating the streets for the new roadway section on Ivy Lane 05-31-18 and shall be completed 06-01-18.  The contractor anticipates placing crushed concrete on the streets 06/01/18 but if delayed 06-04-18, they have agreed to place crushed concrete for the residents to access their driveways for the weekend. 

06-14-18 - The project has fallen behind schedule.  Ultimately, rain events have caused the soil to be unstable.  As you know, the water main has successfully been completed and tested.  On Friday, June 1st, crews excavated the road to allow for the new crushed concrete and asphalt section to be installed.  That night the site received over an inch of rain which saturated the roadway.  The site has also received intermittent rains approximately every other day, keeping the underlying roadway soils wet.  When the underlying soils are wet and high in moisture they become unstable.  To strengthen the soil, a drying technique of plowing up the road is used.  This drying of the material will result in a high-quality product.  If the drying methods do not take place, heavy trucks such as garbage trucks will reduce the life of the street. We are working diligently with the Contractor to expedite the project completion.
Again, the City and Stockwell Engineers apologizes for all inconveniences experienced over the alst few weeks and we ask for your cooperation and patience.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you ahve any concerns or questions.  Listed below is contact information for this project.  Stockwell Engineers will be the onsite engineer representing City of Harrisburg and we ask that if you have any questions, please contact Dexter Mahrt,
Stockwell Engineers, Inc.
801 Phillips Ave. Suite 100
(605) 610-6904

Intended schedule to complete project:

Ivy water main & Services:  Complete
Ivy/Willow water main tie-in: Complete
Perry/Willow Fire Hydrant: Complete
Grading of Ivy Lane:  05/24 - 06/01
Asphalt for all streets:  06/04 - 06/08
Misc. Cleanup:  06/08 - 06/14
Completion Date:  06/15 - Extended